A Way To Better Health

Massage is a specialised therapy, requiring specific qualifications and can be very effective in treating symptoms and causes of a wide range of health issues.


Muscular aches and pains are very common. They stem from dysfunctions in the body due to stresses in our everyday living – either physical or emotional.


Not only does massage sooth the body, it heals and invigorates through improved harmony between body, mind and spirit.


The healing and restorative nature of massage as a treatment is recognised by health funds. Our treatments receive a rebate from most health funds.


Our massage therapies start from $50 for a 30-minute treatment; $85 for one-hour; $120 for 90 minutes; $150 for two-hours; hot rock massage $135.

Denese Mentor Remedial Massage

Stiff neck, headaches and sore shoulders and back from computer work? A massage will unlock muscles and restore proper blood flow.

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Apart from being deeply relaxing, Denese’s intricate work in targeting needed tension areas are essential in preventing my pattern of tension based migraines. An exquisite treat.” – Kirsten Hunter, psychologist.

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Denese Mentor and her team of three massage therapists, Lois Fernandez, Kathryn Marker and Diane Watkins have a wealth of techniques and therapies that can help treat your particular problem.